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2010-08-22 14:00:59 by sablegends

Visit my new and FIRST game - Moused


2010-02-24 11:36:24 by sablegends

YEY! For ONCE! I finally got flash pro 8, so it's a flash thing from now on.

Music Media, Here I come!

2010-01-02 07:27:02 by sablegends

Finally I can make my own music! I'm on my way to making music, not flash games like I expected. But something is better than nothing. Right now I am only making small loops, because I find it tricky. But once I work out more, (and work out how to get the track bigger!) I'll be on my way to success! Anyway, see you around!


2009-09-06 15:48:00 by sablegends

Unfortunatly, I can only make Java games at the moment, but I am working on Flash. And I can't put Java Games on this site. Shame :(


Music Creator

2009-09-06 15:41:28 by sablegends

I am starting to create music , on FLStudio. So, get ready for some Sabgames Techno!